2018/11/14 Roy Damman released SubRip 1.57.1. Read the complete changelog and download at SourceForge.
2018/10/18 Lee Shin Chun made a new translation for SubRip 1.17 and up - Traditional Chinese. Download it here: TraditionalChinese.zip.
2018/07/19 Roy Damman released SubRip 1.57.0 beta. Read the complete changelog and download at SourceForge.
2015/10/13 Bloody released SubRip 1.56.1 (Small bugfix release). Read the complete changelog and download at SourceForge.
2015/09/07 Bloody released SubRip 1.56.0. Read the changelog and download at SourceForge.
2015/08/20 Bloody released SubRip 1.55.2. Read the changelog and download at SourceForge. He tagged it as small bugfix update.
2015/08/01 Bloody released SubRip 1.55.1. Read the changelog and download at SourceForge.
2015/07/17 Bloody released SubRip 1.55.0 a week ago. Read the changelog and download at SourceForge.
2015/06/22 Bloody released SubRip 1.54.0. Read the changelog and download at SourceForge. And the next version will come soon...
2015/02/02 Bloody released SubRip 1.53.0. Read the changelog and download at SourceForge.
2015/01/19 Bloody released SubRip 1.52.0. Read the changelog and download at SourceForge.
[  + new feature  ] [  - correction  ] [  * nfo part  ]


2014/12/16  SubRip 1.51.1  (c) Bloody

  - "Save As": fixed a bug where the Unicode output settings weren't always
    recognized correctly, which could also cause the "AutoSave after Post-OCR"
    function to hang (and other side effects).

2014/12/15  SubRip 1.51.0  (c) Bloody

 + Text output files are now saved in UTF-8 format by default, which can be
   configured in the "Global Options" window, under "Text Output Options".

   This was already the default for the /AUTOTEXT CLI command; now the GUI
   interface is doing the same.

 + "Subtitles" window: added support for loading UTF-8 encoded subtitles.
   The program will also no longer ask for a post-load conversion if the input
   file was encoded as UTF-16LE (or UTF-8 with BOM, for that matter).

 + "Global Options" window: added options to specify which output directory to
   use and how to proceed after saving (to save a couple of mouse clicks).

   Note that these options must be manually enabled because having them enabled
   by default might confuse some people.

 + "Fast LoadMatrix" is now the general standard for CLI and GUI mode. The point
   is that as long as you don't need to view/edit the matrix, building the glyph
   list can be avoided/postponed until the "View/Edit Matrix" window is opened.

 + "View/Edit Matrix" window: added support for Matrix Sorting, used to optimize
   a matrix for higher subtitle conversion speeds, especially if the matrix is
   very large. For example, converting a subtitle with a matrix of 15000 glyphs
   can get twice as fast on average after sorting.

   When conducting speed tests, see that the text auto-scrolldown checkbox in
   the Subtitles window is unchecked (generally faster if disabled).

   Note: matrix sorting is focusing primarily on Latin characters (7-bit ASCII).
   For other languages (like Arabic, Chinese, Russian etc.), the speed gain is
   either little, none or even negative, depending on things like if the matrix
   also contains many italic-style glyphs, multi-char glyphs etc.

 + "Add new character(s)" window: added a checkbox for tagging certain glyphs
   as temporary 'junk' chars. This helps when sometimes only a part/fragment of
   a character is recognized, where "extend-right" sometimes won't solve the
   problem. Marking a character as temporary 'junk' allows to proceed as usual
   with that 'thing' to complete the subtitle, while also keeping such chars
   from 'contaminating' the matrix file when it is eventually saved to disk.

 + "Add new character(s)" window: added a 'quick' Paste button to insert text
   from the clipboard, making things a little easier when running SubRip
   together with an external Unicode character utility (like e.g. BabelMap,
   gucharmap, KCharSelect etc.). A checkbox near the Paste button can be used to
   enable Auto-OK after paste, saving another mouse click.

   The Paste button will also filter the inserted text by removing all codes
   <=31 and 127 (stuff like Tabs, line breaks, Backspaces etc.) as well as any
   leading/trailing Spaces.

 + "Post-OCR Correction" window: added a checkbox to auto-open the Post-OCR
   window after subtitle conversion so it can't be forgotten, eliminating a
   nasty source of human error. Also saves another mouse click.

   Also added a checkbox to proceed directly to the "Save As.." dialog after
   Post-OCR Correction, saving another mouse click.

 + /FINDMATRIX CLI command: added --tiny-match-percent option for dealing with
   very short subtitles, e.g. from short 'bonus' clips or tiny 'Forced'
   subtitles. This means that your scripts can now be simplified as they won't
   need to check for exit code 2 anymore (only used by older (beta) versions).
   This new option now takes care of such cases.

 + CLI.txt: /FINDMATRIX: enhanced example script 2 and added a few more comments
   regarding huge matrix files.

 * Application version scheme changed to "SubRip-{Major}.{Minor}.{Revision}".
Download at SourceForge.
2014/05/12  SubRip 1.50 beta 7  (c) Bloody

 - Fixed a bug where sometimes output files could not be saved (where the "save
   as" button did nothing in that case).

 - "View/Edit Matrix" window: fixed background colors for panels on the right
   side so they won't be influenced by certain Windows themes anymore.

 - "Save as Unicode": when using the GUI, the output filename in the file
   requester will now be pre-built in the same way as in the 'regular' requester
   ("Save as ANSI"). Avoids a bit of filename typing there.

 - Post-OCR I/l Correction: fixed a few more cases, like a lone I/l followed by
   a hyphen '-' or any I/l after a left parenthesis '(' or a left bracket '[' in
   certain cases.

 - punct.dic: added more fixes for the percent (%) character issue, for
   combinations of Slash/Degree chars where one of the two is marked as italic
   while the other is not, according to matching entries in the current
   character matrix.

 - CLI.txt: added a better usage example for finding 'double' matrix files using
   the /FINDMATRIX command, for people who prefer to go directly to the
   "Examples:" section without further reading about the available options.

 - "Wake me up": raised the timer interval from 10/10 to 15/20 seconds.
Download at SourceForge.
2014/11/28 Bloody became a new SubRip developer. Currently he released a new version 1.50 beta 6 with many improvements in command line interface and post-OCR corrections. Read "News.txt" file for full changelog. To download it go to SourceForge.
2014/11/19 Sven Bent has released his character matrix. You can read more about it in our guestbook. The actually link is and Sven suggest: Best performance by setting ocr accuracy to 1000 2-2-2.
2014/03/10 Basque translation of SubRip was updated - download - (by Xabier "Azpidat" Aramendi).
2012/04/03 Basque translation of SubRip is available here (by Xabier "Azpidat" Aramendi).
2011/09/23 Joao Frade made a big correction in the Portuguese translation. You can download it here. Copy this file into SubRip's Lang directory (usually c:/Program Files/SubRip/Lang).
2007/08/01 running let us know that there is an utility like SubRip for Mac OS X called D-Subtiler. Short english description can be found here.
2007/03/19 Hungarian translation of actual SubRip is available here (by Németh Balázs).
Ukrainian tranlation is available here (by Hentaihunter).
2006/11/07 SubRip 1.50 Beta 4 available. Bugfix release only (crash when editing a Character Matrix file).
2006/06/01 SubRip 1.50 Beta 3a incl. sources available. LRN of TeMa=) team added experimental 3GPP Timed Text (*.ttxt) support (http://gpac.sourceforge.net/auth_text.php), without color support though.
2006/01/05 SubRip 1.50 Beta 3 and sources available. Moved to Delphi 2005 (but Delphi 7 is still supported). Added whole words formatting. Added support for text formatting in subtitle window. Lots of other GUI changes. Speedup in processing videos when the frames are empty. Experimental Spanish language correction. (Beta 1) Fixed the detached chars problem. Fixed UniCode support to preview CodePage changes. Other bugfixes. Some changes in the video GUI. (Beta 2). Fixed saving bug for split subtitles. Fixed video no longer working bug. Added a progress bar for loading char matrices. Updated ortography dictionaries to UniCode. (Beta 3).
Feedback and comments are welcome in the SubRip beta thread on the Doom9 forum, especially since new bugs may have been introduced. We also need help updating the languages to reflect the changes in the GUI.
I've also posted my char matrix. It works for some 90% of the DVDs I've seen. Be sure to set the OCR sensitivity high (1000) when using it. See additional instructions in my post on the Doom9 forum.

2005/10/26 SubRip 1.40 Beta 3 and sources available. Large GUI overhaul and bugfixes. Implemented a way to fill a char matrix with entire UniCode subranges. Implemented opening bitmap sequences that DVDSupDecode outputs from converting DVB-T broadcasts saved as .sup by ProjectX. Made Modify and Delete work faster for characters in the Char Matrix (Beta 1). Fixed a few bugs and added an option to automatically fill the best guess. Updated with new Portuguese language by Vítor Vieira. (Beta 2). Added support for negative timestamps and using the file offsets from .idx files, and fixed a few bugs. (Beta 3).

2005/08/18 SubRip 1.30 Beta 11 and sources available. Introduced UniCode support (Beta 1) and fixed a few bugs (Beta 2). Fixed AviSynth support (Beta 3). Fixed old character matrix import (Beta 4). Fixed "black on black" bug and added experimental support for delays in .idx files (Beta 5). Fixed always saving as UniCode bug and made a small change in the video GUI (Beta 6). Changed the GUI and the detection algorithm, introduced text fattening (Beta 7). Improved the detection algorithm; fixed a bug in the disjoint characters routine; fixed DVD Maestro saving bug (Beta 8). Fixed video not displaying, added UniCode font support, fixed many other bugs (Beta 9). Added a font button in the subtitle window and fixed a few bugs (Beta 10). Fixed some GUI bugs, updated with new French language file by Kurtnoise (Beta 11).
Bear in mind that only very few players support UniCode subtitles (vsFilter UniCode is the best choice). If the correct CodePage is selected in "General options", subtitles that use the Latin alphabet and its extensions can be safely saved as ANSI and viewed on current video players using the correct CharSet.

2005/06/07 A guide for ripping subtitles from video files is now available.
Feedback and comments are welcome in the SubRip beta thread on the Doom9 forum.
2005/05/28 SubRip 1.20 Final and sources available.

New features:
  • support for extracting subtitles from video files
  • support for saving recognized subtitles as bitmaps for later removal
  • "extend left and right" for disjoint characters
  • "best guess so far" functionality
  • fill character matrix from a manually matched font
  • Zuggy has solved the P4 crash problem.
2005/04/27 ai4spam added support for ripping subs out of avi files that contain them hardsubbed - version 1.20 beta (Menu - File - Open Hard Subbed Video Files). You can download it below, sources will be uploaded later... Remember, this version still does not fix the crash by launch on some P4 HT machines in XP, I promise to fix it till May and continue to develop the DVD part (mpucoder gives me several lessons :-).
2003/10/11 I had to delete my mailbox due to thousands of spams. Still you can reach me by leaving "zuggy" PM at Doom9's Forum.