SubStitler 2.00
- View subtitles OnTop your favorite TV/DVB/Player application -

SubStitler is standalone application to substitute subtitles onto your video (TV, DVB, Player) application. SubStitler shows subtitles on top of video application using overlay (chroma key) color for transparent view, so none DirectX. SubStitler supports most common subtitle formats and can synchronize preview by +, -, spacebar keys, or adjusting framerate or the speed coefficient. You can adjust font settings of subtitles incl. best-fit and outline. SubStitler uses keyboard shortcuts for easy remote controlling.

  [ SubStitler 2.00 - 263 kB ]
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DVBs Subtitler 1.08
- MultiDec, WatchTVPro (and other using SubsPR) plug-in for viewing MicroDVD subtitles -

Sequel of Damir Panijan's 1.03 version.

  Q - Works this plug-in in ProgDVB or some other DVB software?
  A - Nope. Use Basq's SubsPR for this purpose. Look into SubsPR folder in package for more details.

  [ DVBs Subtitler 1.08 - 470 kB ]
  WinRAR3 archive - firmware files included
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  [ DVBs Subtitler 1.04 source - 20 kB ]
  for developers - MS VC++ 6 - WinRAR3 archive
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Other download locations:
  Happysat DVB-sat ... English
  MultiDec & CO - DVB software ... Czech / English / "other"
  TV Freak ... Czech (direct link)

Thanks to Damir for help, howto and providing the latest sources and AD3000 for updating his Font_OSD_Edit with my suggestions that helps me much by editing the firmware files fonts.

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